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Breaking News   |   July 30, 2021

Malaysia’s Covid-19 deaths over 200-mark for second day in row

The ministry revealed that this brings the Covid-19 death toll in Malaysia to 8,408 people.

Meanwhile, the number of patients warded in intensive care units nationwide continued to inch upwards, with 1,023 people such patients today, 524 of whom need breathing assistance.

The people who died today comprised 181 Malaysians and 26 non-Malaysians — 112 of whom were male and 92 of whom were female.

Those who had a history of illnesses numbered 161.

The three states with the largest number of Covid-19 deaths were Selangor (96), Kuala Lumpur (34) and Johor (21). MoH did not share today details on the ages of those who died.

This comes along with the news that 16,177 people in Malaysia were infected with the coronavirus today.

MoH said 56.3 per cent of the cases today, or 9,061 cases, were categorised as Category 1 — meaning the patients did not show any symptoms of Covid-19

Among Category 1 patients, 94.4 per cent did not have a history of vaccination.

Category 2 patients (those with light symptoms of Covid-19) numbered 6,710, making up 41.6 per cent of today’s cases.

Among Category 2 patients, 79.5 per cent did not have a history of vaccination.

The total of today’s patients belonging in Category 3 (Covid-19 patients with pneumonia), Category 4 (those with pneumonia and in need of oxygen assistance) and Category 5 (patients in critical condition and needing breathing assistance) was 2.1 per cent.

Those who did not have a history of vaccination among Category 3, Category 4 and Category 5 patients, accounted for, 73.3 per cent, 83.9 per cent and 95.4 per cent respectively.